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Jul. 2022



Jul. 2022





Best Snorkeling & Diving in Islamorada 

The pristine waters of the Florida Keys are ideal for snorkeling and diving. You’ll find many dive shops in the area with experienced divers able to take you on an amazing undersea adventure.

You’ll experience a world like no other, with exotic fish, beautiful coral, and haunting shipwrecks.

A Vast & Beautiful World Ready To Be Explored

A particularly beautiful diving spot in this area is Hen and Chickens Reef. This magnificent reef is home to a variety of sea life. The coral is bright and vibrant, lending an almost mystical touch to this already memorable experience.

Four miles offshore lies Davis Reef. This Sanctuary Preservation Area features a variety of soft corals and animal colonies. And you won’t want to miss the large, smiling Buddha!

If you’re in the mood for adventure, you’ll definitely want to dive the Eagle shipwreck. This ship was split in two by Hurricane Georges in 1998. It now lays at the bottom of the sea, ready to be explored by you.