Shipwrecks, caves and living coral reefs—or submerged statues and underwater gardens—you choose. Just offshore, and under the waves, an entire world awaits you.

Key Dives
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SCUBA and Snorkel trips

A1A Watersports and Boat Rental
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Located at 82.5 oceanside.2hr guided snorkeling tours by waverunner or boat include snorkeling, sightseeing, sandbar, mangrove tunnels, slalom course, free-riding time and much more! We also offer waverunner, kayak and boat rentals. Our boat rental fleet includes fully equiped center console, glass bottom and deck boats ranging from 15-26 feet. Fishing and snorkeling gear available for rent. Simply the most fun the Keys have to offer.

Ocean Quest Dive Center
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Dive and snorkel operation, including instruction, rental equipment, night diving, wreck diving, lobstering and spear fishing and underwater weddings.
Easy Adventures Boat Tours
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Mile Marker 81.5 (Located at Worldwide Sportsman) Islamorada, FL 33036
Snorkeling, Fishing, Island Walks, Sunset cruises, Birdwatching, Critter Gettin', Eco-Tours

Islamorada, long recognized as the Sport Fishing Capital of the World, is now an icon among sport divers for much the same reason, a massive population of tropical marine life. High profile coral heads and broad ledges shelter huge congregates of French grunt and goatfish, while regal queen angelfish casually graze amid the reef recesses. Friendly green moray eels swim freely along the spur-and-groove channels, and reclusive nurse sharks lurk beneath the overhangs. Islamorada offers a wide variety of shallow coral reefs, mini walls, shipwrecks, and even an underwater habitat for scientific research, the Aquarius.

* The Eagle - This 287-foot ship was intentionally sunk in 110 feet of water as a dive attraction and rests on her starboard side cloaked in a colorful patina of encrusting sponge and coral, populated by huge schools of grunt, tarpon, and jack.

* Davis Reef - This reef is revered for its incredible concentration of grunts and schoolmaster snapper, as well as several amiable resident green morays, long accustomed to benign interaction with the dive masters.

* Alligator Reef - Now marked by a 136-foot-tall lighthouse, on this spot in 1822 the USS Alligator grounded and sank while protecting a convoy from pirates. Now all that remains of the wreck are the twin piles of ballast stones, but the coral reef - in just 25 feet of water - is vibrant and alive.

* Conch Wall - Offering an exciting change of pace from the normal spur-and-groove profiles of most Keys' reefs, Conch Wall presents a precipitous sloping wall and captivating concentrations of barrel sponge and gorgonia punctuating the seafloor.

* Crocker Wall - A 450+-foot-long wall in 50 feet of water. The wall has a thirty-foot decline and features grunts, yellowtail and grouper with spur-and-groove coral and block coral on the wall.

* Pickles Reef - For macro photo enthusiasts, Pickles provides a wonderful opportunity to encounter the reef's minutia, from flamingo tongue cowries to banded coral shrimp, all amid a dynamic coral reef in only 15 to 25 feet of water.

  • Dive museum
  • Islamorada chamber
  • Only Living Coral Reef in Continental U.S.
  • French Reef at Pennekamp State Park
    • Copy of the Statue of Christ of the Abissi at 8 Meters
    • 40 Different Coral Special
    • Over 600 Varieties of Tropical Fish
    • Caves
  • Wreck of the Benwood
  • The Garden of the Abisi
  • Glass Bottom Boat Rides
  • Snorkeling  






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